百家博娱乐投注 百家博娱乐投注
百家博娱乐投注 百家博娱乐投注


百家博娱乐投注s is a general term for compounds which result from the reaction of phthalic anhydride and alcohol. Such substances are mainly employed as plasticisers make plastics and rubber more piable. They are widely used in electronic and electrical equipment (百家博娱乐投注), toys, coatings, inks, garments, packaging materials, detergents, lubricants and personal care articles, etc. But when the concentration of phthalates exceeds a certain level, it may disrupt endocrine of human bodies, bringing harm to the development and health of children.

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The Candidate List (SVHC List) under REACH Regulation: 14 phthalates

REACH Annex XVII: 6 phthalates

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100: 15 phthalates

US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA): 6 phthalates

US Prop 65: 6 phthalates

China GB 6675 Safety of 百家博娱乐投注: 6 phthalates

China GB 24613 Limit of Harmful Substances in Coatings for 百家博娱乐投注: 6 phthalates

Canada SOR/2011-298: 6 phthalates

EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for food contact materials: 8 phthalates

The 6th batch of Inedible Substance List issued by Health Ministry of China: 17 phthalates

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare: 6 phthalates

China GB/T 21911 Determination of 百家博娱乐投注 Esters in Foods: 16 phthalates

China GB/T 21928 Determination of 百家博娱乐投注 Esters in Food Plastic Packaging Materials: 16 phthalates

China GB/T 22048 Determination of Certain 百家博娱乐投注 Esters in 百家博娱乐投注 and Children’s Products: 6 phthalates

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