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In 2012, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) of yxlm娱乐游戏网址 and the Bureau of yxlm娱乐游戏网址n Standards (yxlm娱乐游戏网址) launched the Compulsory yxlm娱乐游戏网址 Scheme (yxlm娱乐游戏网址), which requires manufacturers of electronic and IT products to submit registration application to yxlm娱乐游戏网址 before placing their products on the yxlm娱乐游戏网址n market. After obtaining registration approval, yxlm娱乐游戏网址 allows manufacturers to declare that their products comply with yxlm娱乐游戏网址n standards. yxlm娱乐游戏网址 registration does not require factory audit, but only needs to submit a self-conformity declaration and a product test report.



1. Manufacturers outside yxlm娱乐游戏网址 need to have a liaison office or branch in yxlm娱乐游戏网址, and the liaison office or branch should abide by all yxlm娱乐游戏网址 laws, regulations and rules; or, overseas manufacturers designate an authorized agent in yxlm娱乐游戏网址 (AIR, Authorised yxlm娱乐游戏网址n Representative) , the agent signs an agreement with the manufacturer according to yxlm娱乐游戏网址 regulations, and declares compliance with relevant laws and regulations on behalf of the manufacturer and is responsible for it.

2. Manufacturers need a self-conformity declaration that shows that the factory has a complete manufacturing facility and the necessary testing equipment to test the product.

3. The product test report must be issued by a laboratory accredited by yxlm娱乐游戏网址.



  • Organize and assemble all necessary documents
  • Preliminary documentation on the yxlm娱乐游戏网址 website

Sample testing

  • The collected samples are sent to the yxlm娱乐游戏网址 laboratory
  • The test report is valid for 90 days
  • Applicants need to pay the testing fee


  • Apply online
  • Submit hard copy documents to the yxlm娱乐游戏网址 office
  • Applicants need to pay the application fee

Official review

  • If the required documents are missing or incomplete, yxlm娱乐游戏网址 will communicate with the applicant via email or phone

Grant license

  • Application documents and product testing need to meet the requirements
  • The applicant will be granted a certification and a yxlm娱乐游戏网址 registration number


  • CDF/CCL form
  • yxlm娱乐游戏网址 application form
  • Manufacturer's business license (original + English translation)
  • Scope of business (original + English translation)
  • ISO certificate
  • Labeling/Marking Details
  • Power of attorney (if the signatory is not the responsible manufacturer)
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Trademark power of attorney (if the trademark is not owned by the manufacturer)
  • AIR power of attorney (if foreign manufacturer)
  • AIR identity document
  • Schematic diagram of plant layout, etc.


  • Total registration period: 50-90 days
  • CIRS Service Fee: Depends on specific products
  • yxlm娱乐游戏网址 official application fee: about 700 US dollars
  • Product testing fee: subject to yxlm娱乐游戏网址 laboratory quotation


Electronic Games (Video)

Visual Display Units, Video Monitors of screen size up-to 32”


CCTV Cameras/CCTV Recorders

Plasma/ LCD/LED Televisions of screen size 32″ & above

Adapters for household and similar electrical appliances

Optical Disc Players with built in amplifiers of input power 200W and above

USB driven Barcode readers, barcode scanners, Iris scanners, Optical fingerprint scanners

Microwave Ovens

Smart watches

Visual Display Units, Video Monitors of screen size 32″ & above

Standalone LED Modules for General Lighting

Printers, Plotters

Lighting Chain (Rope Lights)



Wireless Keyboards

Induction Stove

Telephone Answering Machines

Automatic Teller Cash dispensing machines

Amplifiers with input power 2000W and above

USB Type External Hard Disk Drive

Electronic Musical Systems with input power 200W and above

Wireless Headphone and Earphone

Electronic Clocks with Mains Powers

USB Type External Solid- State Storage Devices (above 256 GB capacity)

Set Top Box

Electronic Musical System with input power below 200 Watts

Automatic Data Processing Machine

Standalone Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)with output voltage 48 V (max)

Power Adaptors for IT Equipments

Television other than Plasma/ LCD/LED TVs

Power Adaptors for Audio, Video & Similar Electronic Apparatus

Rice Cooker

UPS/Invertors of rating≤5kVA

Wireless microphone

DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control gear for LED Modules

Digital Camera

Sealed Secondary Cells/Batteries containing Alkaline or other non-acid Electrolytes for use in portable applications

Video Camera

Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services

Webcam (Finished Product)

Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaries

Smart Speakers (with and without Display)

Mobile Phones

Dimmers for LED products

Cash Registers

Bluetooth speakers

Point of Sale Terminals

Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial Photovoltaic (PV) modules (Si wafer based)

Copying Machines/Duplicators

Thin-Film Terrestrial Photovoltaic (PV) Modules (a-Si, CiGs and CdTe)

Smart Card Readers

Power converters for use in photovoltaic power system

Mail Processing Machines/Postage Machines/Franking Machines

Utility –Interconnected Photovoltaic inverters

Passport Reader

Storage battery

Power Banks for use in portable applications

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear: Circuit – Breakers

Mobile Phones

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear: switches,disconnectors, switch disconnectors and fuse – Combination units

Recessed LED Luminaries

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear: electromechanical contactors and motor – Starters

LED Luminaires for Road and Street lighting

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear: a.c semiconductor motor controllers and starters

LED Flood Lights

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear: a.c.semiconductor motor controllers and contactors for non – Motor loads

LED Hand lamps

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear: electromechanical control circuit devices

LED Lighting Chains

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear proximity switches

LED Luminaires for Emergency Lighting

Low – Voltage switchgear and controlgear: electrical emergency stop devices with mechanical latching function

UPS/Inverters of rating ≤ 10kVA

Ortho Phosphoric Acid

Plasma/ LCD/LED Television of screen size up-to 32”

Polyphosphoric Acid


  1. The certificate is valid for 2 years. Renewal before expiration can maintain its validity
  2. Renewal application need afford application fee, service fee, etc.
  3. If the renewal application and necessary fees (including late fees) are not received, the license will expire 90 days after the validity period (2 years).

Our Services

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  • yxlm娱乐游戏网址 yxlm娱乐游戏网址 registration consultation and training
  • yxlm娱乐游戏网址n yxlm娱乐游戏网址 yxlm娱乐游戏网址 Application
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Products that are included in the yxlm娱乐游戏网址n yxlm娱乐游戏网址 compulsory registration list are compulsory registration, and the products must obtain yxlm娱乐游戏网址 registration approval before entering the yxlm娱乐游戏网址n market.


The yxlm娱乐游戏网址 registration cycle can be roughly divided into three parts: data preparation, product testing, and official review. Usually, it takes about 50-90 days from the date when the application data is accepted to the end of the official review. If there are major changes in the official review or changes in product testing, the time required may be extended.


The yxlm娱乐游戏网址 registration fee consists of CIRS service fees, official yxlm娱乐游戏网址 application fees and product testing fees; CIRS service fees will be determined according to the materials and test items to be prepared for different products. The official yxlm娱乐游戏网址 application fee is around $700. Product testing fees will vary according to different testing institutions.


licenses are valid for 2 years, and renewal before expiration can maintain its validity. If no renewal application is received, the license will expire 90 days after the validity period (2 years).


Enterprises can view the yxlm娱乐游戏网址 compulsory registration list through the official website of yxlm娱乐游戏网址 yxlm娱乐游戏网址, and the products included in the list are compulsory for registration.

The official website of yxlm娱乐游戏网址n yxlm娱乐游戏网址 is in yxlm娱乐游戏网址n and English. If you need the Chinese version, please contact us at [email protected].


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