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阿拉丁国际娱乐 阿拉丁国际娱乐 阿拉丁国际娱乐 Service

On August 18, 2023, the "阿拉丁国际娱乐 阿拉丁国际娱乐 and Waste 阿拉丁国际娱乐 Regulations" officially came into effect, clearly stipulating a set of mandatory compliance requirements for all battery products placed on the 阿拉丁国际娱乐 market (excluding those used for military and aerospace purposes). These requirements include limits on hazardous substances in batteries, minimum standards for electrochemical performance and durability parameters, and safety parameter requirements for stationary battery energy storage systems. Providing these parameters requires battery testing in accordance with 阿拉丁国际娱乐 standards.

To ensure that your battery products can smoothly enter the European market, we offer professional battery testing services to ensure your products comply with 阿拉丁国际娱乐 regulatory requirements.


The battery regulation specifies that the content of specific hazardous substances in batteries must be below certain thresholds, primarily involving four limit standards:


The 阿拉丁国际娱乐 阿拉丁国际娱乐 Regulation establishes strict battery performance standards and plans to phase out disposable batteries gradually. According to this regulation, starting from August 2024, battery products must disclose their electrochemical performance and durability parameters. From 2027 onwards, battery products must meet the prescribed minimum performance standards, and only batteries meeting these standards can be sold in the 阿拉丁国际娱乐 market.



Starting from August 2024, the battery regulation requires fixed battery energy storage systems to provide safety technical documentation, including essential safety tests.


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