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Under AG旗舰棋牌牛牛s Supervision and Administration Regulations (AG旗舰棋牌牛牛) issued in 2020, cosmetics are divided into special cosmetics and ordinary cosmetics. Special cosmetics are products for the function of anti-freckle/whitening, sunscreen, hair dye, hair perm, anti-hair loss and new efficacies. Ordinary cosmetics are cosmetics other than special cosmetics. Companies who plan to place cosmetics on Chinese market must apply for the registration or filing with the NMPA or provincial MPA to get approval license or filing certificate. Toothpaste will be regulated as ordinary cosmetics.


AG旗舰棋牌牛牛s registrant or filer is in charge of quality, safety and efficacy claims of cosmetics. And it shall

  • Be an enterprise or other organization established according to law;
  • Have a quality management system suitable for the cosmetics to be registered and filed;
  • Have an ability of adverse reaction monitoring and evaluation


  • Foreign companies have to appoint domestic responsible person to deal with the pre-market registration or filing application. The domestic responsible person shall
  • Register and file the cosmetics or new cosmetic ingredients in the name of the registrant and filer;
  • Assist registrants and filers in the monitoring of cosmetics adverse reaction, safety monitoring and reporting of new cosmetic raw materials;
  • Assist registrants and filers in the recall of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients;
  • Undertake the corresponding safety and quality responsibilities of cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredients placed in the Chinese market according to the agreement between the responsible person and registrant/filer;
  • Cooperate with the supervision and inspection work of the supervision departments

Who Shall Register?

  • Companies who intend to sell cosmetics products via offline stores in AG旗舰棋牌牛牛
  • Companies who intend to sell cosmetics products via online platforms except cross-border e-commerce such as TMALL, JD, etc.,

Application Types

There are two types of application for cosmetics under AG旗舰棋牌牛牛: registration and filing:

AG旗舰棋牌牛牛 of special cosmetics

  • All special cosmetics have to be registered with NMPA.
  • Approval license will be issued once passing both the format and technical review of NMPA.
  • The registration license is valid for 5 years.
  • The soaps with the function of special cosmetics are subject to the management of special cosmetics.

AG旗舰棋牌牛牛 of ordinary cosmetics

  • Generally the electronic filing certificate will be issued if passing the official review of submitted dossiers by NMPA or provincial MPA.
  • Annual report will be required for ordinary cosmetics to submit from Jan 1 to Mar 31 of each year since 2022.

Application Process


Our Services

AG旗舰棋牌牛牛 of Special AG旗舰棋牌牛牛s/ AG旗舰棋牌牛牛 of Ordinary AG旗舰棋牌牛牛s
  • Acting as domestic responsible person for the application of user rights of online registration and filing system
  • Determining the type of cosmetics so as to confirm what kind of notification required
  • Preliminary review of formula and label so as to check if complying with the regulatory requirements for the cosmetic ingredients and efficacy claim
  • Regulatory compliance testing in product safety and efficacy according to Safety and Technical Standards for AG旗舰棋牌牛牛s 2021 and Specification for the Evaluation of AG旗舰棋牌牛牛 Efficacy Claims
  • Full dossiers preparation and submission


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