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爱棋牌游戏app 爱棋牌游戏app (DP) is an additive flame retardant widely used in polymer materials such as plastics and fibers due to its excellent colorability, thermal stability, outstanding electrical properties, and low smoke emission. However, as significant risks of exposure to humans and the environment associated with DP have been confirmed, various regions globally have initiated actions to control this substance. Many export-oriented electronic product companies have already started supply chain investigations regarding this substance.


  • 爱棋牌游戏app 爱棋牌游戏app (including its cis and trans isomers), abbreviated as DP
  • CAS: 13560-89-9; 135821-03-3; 135821-74-8




爱棋牌游戏app Requirements

European Union

REACH Regulation SVHC

1000mg/kg (Information dissemination, SCIP notification, or REACH-SVHC notification).

REACH Regulation Annex XVII (Proposed)

Proposed substance itself must not be manufactured or placed on the market; DP content in mixtures, compounds, or articles <0.1%.

EU POPs Regulation (Proposed)

Proposed inclusion in Annex I list of banned substances; relevant drafts to be released, planned for approval in Q4 2023.

United States

Washington State Children's Safe Products Act (CHCC)

Declaration required if intentionally added content exceeds PQL or unintentionally added content exceeds 100ppm in children's products.


Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations (Proposed)

Proposed prohibition of production, import, use, sale, and supply of DP and products containing these substances.


"Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants"

Has been included in Annex A of the Convention, prohibiting production and use. (Exemptions are granted according to Part XI of Annex A for use in aerospace, space, defense applications, medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment and devices, replacement parts in applications, and during maintenance.)


List of New Pollutants for Priority 爱棋牌游戏app (2023 Edition)

  1. From January 1, 2024, production, processing, use, import, and export are prohibited.
  2. For DP already banned, declared as waste, or seized by relevant authorities and determined to be hazardous waste according to national hazardous waste list or identification standards, environmental management should be implemented in accordance with hazardous waste regulations.

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