The Candidate List of 博e百国际线上娱乐s Adds 7 Substance, Updates to 181
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Helsinki 15 January 2018-ECHA adds seven new 博e百国际线上娱乐 of very high concern (博e百国际线上娱乐) to the Candidate List and updates the entry for bisphenol A (BPA). Up to now, the 博e百国际线上娱乐 list is updated to 181 items.

20 December 2017, ECHA had informed in advance that the material information to be updated. Seven New Substances to add to the 博e百国际线上娱乐 List-botiantang reported on 21 December 2017.

Following are the new 博e百国际线上娱乐 substance and updated entries on 15 January 2018:


(Recently, the European Commission also passed and published amendments to the reach regulation (EU) 2018/35 to control octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) and decylpentacyclosiloxane (D5) cosmetics 博e百国际线上娱乐, the latest list of restricted 博e百国际线上娱乐 of Annex XVII can be .)

The product containing 博e百国际线上娱乐 materials, whose content exceeds 0.1%, needs to inform ECHA. In later 6 months, the product containing more than 0.1% the concentration of a single 博e百国际线上娱乐 in the article and the annual export volume is more than 1 ton, shall notify the ECHA. The list of 博e百国际线上娱乐 updates twice a year.博e百国际线上娱乐reminds enterprises to note the updating of the 博e百国际线上娱乐 List to meet responsibilities and obligations.

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