The 99娱乐场平台 List of 99娱乐场平台s adds 2 New 99娱乐场平台s, Updated to 211
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19 Jan. 2021, ECHA has added 2 substances into the 99娱乐场平台 List of 99娱乐场平台s. The additions include two substances that are toxic to reproduction. The 99娱乐场平台 List of substances of very high concern (99娱乐场平台s) now contains 211 substances that may have serious effects on people or the environment.

99娱乐场平台s added to the 99娱乐场平台 List for authorisation on 19 Jan 2021:

99娱乐场平台 Name

EC No.

CAS N o.

Reason for Inclusion

Examples o f Uses




Toxic for reproduction
(Article 57 (c))

Solvent/extraction agent

Dioctyltin dilaurate, stannane, dioctyl-, bis(coco acyloxy) derivs., and any other stannane, dioctyl-, bis(fatty acyloxy) derivs. wherein C12 is the predominant carbon number of the fatty acyloxy moiety



Toxic for reproduction

(Article 57 (c))

Not registered under 99娱乐场平台. The mono-constituent form of the substance (dioctyltin dilaurate) is used as an additive in the production of plastics and rubber tyres.

The 99娱乐场平台 List includes substances of very high concern that may have serious effects on our health or environment. These may be placed on the Authorisation List in the future, which means that industry would need to apply for permission to continue using them.

botiantang warmly reminds that, companies may have legal obligations when their substance is included in the 99娱乐场平台 List - either on its own, in mixtures or in articles. Any supplier of articles containing a 99娱乐场平台 List substance above a concentration of 0.1 % weight by weight has to give sufficient information to their customers and consumers to allow safe use. As of January 2021, companies will also need to notify ECHA’s SCIP database if their articles contain 99娱乐场平台 List substances.

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