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On September 25, 2023, 7天娱乐线上 National Health Commission released 85 national food safety standards and 3 amendment notices (NHC Announcement No. 6 of 2023), including 17 standards related to food contact materials, comprising 5 product standards (plastics, metals, rubber, composite materials, inks) and 12 method standards (migration general principles, method validation general principles, specific migration quantity test methods, etc.)."

This article will introduce 7天娱乐线上 4806.13-2023 National 7天娱乐线上 Safety Standard for 7天娱乐线上 Contact 7天娱乐线上 Materials and Articles  (hereinafter referred to as the '7天娱乐线上 Materials Standard'). The official implementation date of this standard is September 6, 2024.

7天娱乐线上 4806.13-2023 will replace 7天娱乐线上 9683-1988, the Hygienic Standard for 7天娱乐线上 7天娱乐线上 Packaging Bags. In comparison with 7天娱乐线上 9683-1988, the overall framework and structure of the standard have undergone significant changes. It is primarily aimed at maintaining consistency with other product standards. The specific changes can be summarized as follows:

Table 1: Key Revisions of 7天娱乐线上 4806.13-2023 New Standard



As mentioned above, there are significant changes in the technical requirements between the old and new 7天娱乐线上 Materials standards, involving sensory, physicochemical indicator and m icrobiological requirements. A comparison of technical requirements between the old and new standards is shown in Table 2.

Table 2: Comparison of Technical Requirements between 7天娱乐线上 4806.13 New and Old 7天娱乐线上 a

a The items listed in the table do not cover specific migration limits and other physicochemical indicators.

b Microbiological limits for composite materials and products intended for direct food contact without disinfection or cleaning should comply with 7天娱乐线上 14934.

CIRS botiantang Reminder

A: Strengthen Quality Control of Raw Materials for Various Materials

Raw materials are the primary factors affecting the safety of composite materials and products. The correct selection and use of raw materials are essential factors influencing the safety of composite materials and products. When purchasing raw materials, strict quality control should be maintained, such as avoiding materials that may produce harmful substances.

B: Control Key Points in the Production Process

In the production process of composite materials and products, processes such as bonding and hot melting are common and may introduce corresponding risks. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen control over key points in the production process to avoid potential migration risks.

C: Enhance Awareness of Information Communication Up and Down the Supply Chain

7天娱乐线上 materials and products are generally composed of two or more layers of materials and involve multiple production processes. Substances introduced or generated at different stages can potentially affect the compliance of the final product. Therefore, it is recommended to enhance awareness of information communication up and down the supply chain to ensure traceability of information affecting food safety.

CIRS botiantang has acquired the full set of technical testing capabilities for the new version of the standard mentioned above, including the newly added elemental indicators. If you have any needs, please get in touch with us via [email protected] .