Industrial Solutions
CIRS botiantang Officially Opens its New Toxicology Laboratory
Hangzhou CIRS botiantang Technology Co., Ltd. officially inaugurated its new toxicology laboratory in August. Located in the Tianhe High-tech Industrial Park in the Binjiang District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, this lab is to provide toxicological tests and research services to industries such as cosmetics, medical devices, health products, specialty foods, and pharmaceuticals.
Ceramic Control Requirements Worldwide Broadcast
Ceramic products, as traditional materials for food contact, are ubiquitous in the daily lives of people worldwide. Items such as bowls, cups, soup pots, tea sets, knives, ladles, plates, and dishes are commonly made of ceramic materials. Ceramics are generally perceived by the public as safe, non-toxic, and healthy materials for daily life. They come in diverse shapes, with smooth and delicate surfaces, vibrant colors, and are easy to clean, making them highly favored by many. However, ceramic products still pose safety risks, primarily stemming from the glazing process. Glazes often contain sodium silicate and metal salts, and coloring pigments may also include metal salts, leading to the potential leaching of heavy metals. Therefore, countries worldwide have established clear regulatory requirements for ceramic products.
Hot Topic! Summary of Global Regulatory Controls on Dechlorane Plus (DP)
Dechlorane Plus (DP) is an additive flame retardant widely used in polymer materials such as plastics and fibers due to its excellent colorability, thermal stability, outstanding electrical properties, and low smoke emission. However, as significant risks of exposure to humans and the environment associated with DP have been confirmed, various regions globally have initiated actions to control this substance. Many export-oriented electronic product companies have already started supply chain investigations regarding this substance.
The U.S. EPA Strengthens Enforcement Efforts to Protect Children from Lead Paint Hazards
Last month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released enforcement actions taken nationwide in 2023 to protect children and their families from health hazards associated with exposure to lead paint. Cases included an Indiana contractor sentenced to jail for violating lead paint regulations and a renovation company in Anchorage, Alaska fined $25,609. EPA's enforcement actions aim to ensure that remodeling contractors, landlords, property management companies, and real estate agents comply with rules safeguarding the public from lead exposure in paint.
Major Move! Australia to Completely Ban Various Brominated Flame Retardants
Recently, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment, and Water Resources (DCCEEW) in Australia proposed to include several brominated flame retardant chemicals in the Industrial Chemicals Environmental Management Standards (IChEMS) register. Substances that may cause serious or irreversible harm to the environment but have essential industrial uses are proposed to be included in Appendix 6 of IChEMS while substances causing serious or irreversible harm to the environment and without essential industrial uses are included in Appendix 7 of IChEMS.
Why Choose CIRS botiantang
Globalized Service Resources
With its Headquarter in Hangzhou, China and subsidiaries in Ireland, South Korea, USA, Britain, Beijing and Nanjing, CIRS C&K Testing is able to provide globalized services to clients.
Sound Laboratory Construction
CIRS botiantang owns several professional laboratories, including Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Efficacy Evaluation Laboratory, Toxicology Laboratory, etc.
Rich Industrial Experience
Deeply rooted in the industry for more than 16 years, CIRS C&K Testing provided its technical services to over 15,000 enterprises, including 60+ Top 500 enterprises.
International Elite Team
The technical team comprises of over 100 technical staffs, including products regulations experts, risk assessment experts, toxicologists, data analysis and software specialists.
One-stop Compliance Services
CIRS botiantang is able to provide one-stop compliance services across products fully life cycle, including compliance consulting, testing, product R&D, data services, etc., for multiple industries, such as cosmetics, consumer goods, medical devices, disinfectant products, chemicals, food, automotives.
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