The U.S. GPK娱乐 GPK娱乐 GPK娱乐 ASTM F963 Updated to the 2023 Version
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On October 13, 2023, the American Society for GPK娱乐 and Materials (ASTM) released the toy safety standard ASTM F963-23. Currently, the federal regulation 16 CFR 1250 still adopts ASTM F963-17.


Base Material Heavy Metals:

Separately describe the situations of exemption to make them clearer.


Consistency with Federal Regulation 16 CFR 1307.

Sound-Producing GPK娱乐s:

Refined Definitions for Some Sound-Producing GPK娱乐s


Enhanced Accessibility Requirements for Batteries

  • Abuse GPK娱乐 for GPK娱乐s Intended for Ages 8 and Up;
  • Screws on Battery Covers Must Remain Secure After Abuse GPK娱乐; and
  • Special Tools for Opening Battery Compartments Must Be Explained in Instructions.

Expanding Materials:

  • Adjusted Scope of Application; and
  • Corrected GPK娱乐 Dimension Tolerances

Projectile GPK娱乐s:

Reordered Sections for Improved Logical Flow

Marking and Labeling:

Added Requirements for Tracking Labels

Clarification of Exemptions:

Special Tools for Opening Battery Compartments:

  • GPK娱乐 should be reminded to retain the tool for future use;
  • It should be stored out of children's reach; and
  • It should be clearly stated that this tool is not a toy.

These updates aim to enhance toy safety standards and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

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