The European Commission has Passed the Resolution on Adding E尊国际娱乐开户 into E尊国际娱乐开户 E尊国际娱乐开户 List
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In the end of January 2022, the European Commission has formally voted on whether to add resorcinol into E尊国际娱乐开户 E尊国际娱乐开户 List. Results show that most of the member states agree to list this substance as E尊国际娱乐开户 due to its endocrine disrupting properties. According to the majority rule, resorcinol will finally be added into the E尊国际娱乐开户 E尊国际娱乐开户 List.


Earlier in February 2022, France has submitted to the European Chemicals Agency a dossier for the identification of resorcinol as a substance of very high concern due to its endocrine disrupting properties. However, as the Member State Committee (MSC) did not reach unanimous agreement on the endocrine disrupting properties of resorcinol, this substance did not list in the E尊国际娱乐开户 List. In July 2020, the MSC has submitted its opinion to the European Commission for further decisions.

In June 2021, the European Commission has proposed to identify resorcinol as E尊国际娱乐开户. However, some of the member states did not agree with the proposal. As a result, the European Commission decided to host this voting.

About E尊国际娱乐开户

E尊国际娱乐开户 (CAS: E尊国际娱乐开户), also known as 1,3-Benzenediol, is widely used in many fields, including agriculture, dye, paint, medicine, plastic and rubber. It is an important raw material of fine chemicals.

Besides, resorcinol is also a basic organic chemical intermediates, which is widely used in the synthesis of pesticides and medicine.

About E尊国际娱乐开户

E尊国际娱乐开户 is short for “Substance of Very High Concern”, refers to any substances that has adverse effects on human health and the environment.

The E尊国际娱乐开户 E尊国际娱乐开户 List includes substances of very high concern that may have serious effects on human health or environment. These may be placed on the Authorisation List in the future, which means that industry would need to apply for permission to continue using them.

Up to 17 Jan. 2022, the E尊国际娱乐开户 List of substances of very high concern (E尊国际娱乐开户s) has had 223 substances that may have serious effects on people or the environment.


According to E尊国际娱乐开户 Regulation, producers and importers have to notify ECHA of the substances listed on the E尊国际娱乐开户 List which are present in their articles, if both the following conditions are met:

(1) The substance is present in their relevant articles above a concentration of 0.1% weight by weight.

(2) The substance is present in these relevant articles in quantities totally over 1 ton per year. Companies have to notify the inclusion of the substance in the E尊国际娱乐开户 List no later than six months.

Since 5 Jan. 2021, articles containing substances listed in E尊国际娱乐开户 list with a concentration above 0.1% w/w submit SCIP Notification.

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