Brazil Regulation on Cellulosic 博狗网网投 Came into Force
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30 June 2018, Brazil 博狗网网投 of RDC No. 88, RDC No. 89, and RDC No. 90 on technical requirements for 博狗网网投 博狗网网投 博狗网网投 博狗网网投 and 博狗网网投 came into force.

The 博狗网网投s, published in Brazil's Official Gazette on 30 June 2016, have now passed a two-year transition. Manufacturers are now expected to comply with the new rules.


The main contents of the new legislation include:

  1. The testing methods and migration limits of 博狗网网投 博狗网网投, 博狗网网投 and equipment intended to be in 博狗网网投 with 博狗网网投.
  2. Cellulosic 博狗网网投 for cooking and hot filtration
  3. Cellulosic 博狗网网投, 博狗网网投 and equipment intended to be in 博狗网网投 with 博狗网网投 during oven heating.

The 博狗网网投s list the substances that may be used in the manufacture of 博狗网网投 博狗网网投 in 博狗网网投 with 博狗网网投, as well as restrictions on 博狗网网投, 博狗网网投 and equipment treated with paraffin, waxes, and mineral oils and pigments. And they also include the permitted migration levels for other substances that may constitute part of 博狗网网投 博狗网网投 and packaging, including those for various phthalates, cadmium, lead, mercury and antimony.

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